Corrective Glute/Hip 1

Written on 12/30/2019
Jamie Gilliam

Banded Glute Circuit. 
Lateral Walks 3x10 
Standing Hip Extensions 2x20 
Banded Squats 3x12 
Banded Glute Bridge 3x12 
Banded Kneeling Hip Extension 2x12

Begin by placing one loop band above knees and one loop band below knees. 
1. Lateral Walks 3x10 (squat and hinge foward from hips, keep toes pointing forward)

2. Standing Hip Extensions 2x20. Position both bands above knees and hold onto a wall or some knd of support.  Lean forward slightly and stabilize. Squeeze glute to extend from hip. 

3. Banded Squats 3x12. Position one band above knees and one band below knees. Hold squat for 3 seconds at bottom. 

4. Banded Glute Bridge 3x12. Keep bands above and below knees. In bridge position, push knees out. Drive hips up and hold for 3 seconds at the top, then return to starting position. 

5. Banded Kneeling Hip Extension 2x12. Position band underneath kneeling knee and then loop around bottom of opposite knee.  Extend from hip and return to starting position.