Welcome to Your 90-Day Journey!

Each day for the next 90 days, there is a workout provided, a short educational piece and journaling. The workouts are short and can shortened/modified as needed. Strength training plans are also avaialble, and will be provided if strength training is best for your goals and your lifestyle.

Your To-Do List

1. Make sure you have this app saved to your home screen for easy access, and also that you have opted in for notifications. If you are having technical difficulties, message me for help.

Your 90-Day Goal

Yay! I'm so excited you are setting your big 90-Day goal! Be bold, but be realistic! Once you set it, I determine what smaller goals you need to hit throughout your 90-day journey to reach your big 90-day goal!

Hormone Freedom

My collegue and I hosted this online online workshop. It's a bit long, but great information for you to understand how your hormones work and why they matter. I've also provided a simple handout below that goes over some of your major hormones and the role they play in your body.

Navigating Feelings & Frustration

If you are anything like me while trying to lose weight, you probably feel like you are on a bit of a roller coaster, and not in that fun thrill ride kind of way, either. Emotional and psychological highs and lows coupled with the constant ups and downs of the number on the scale can drive a body a little bit nuts, can’t it? I’ve found few tips and tricks that might help alleviate some of the stress associated with trying to drop a few (or more) pounds and I’d like to share them with you.