Day 3 - Cardio & Core

Written on 11/01/2021
Jamie Gilliam

Cardio: Stairmaster level 8-10 for 30 minutes, Treadmill running or elliptical. You can also rotate equipment 10 minutes each.  

Core: Start with cardio and finish with core if time allows. 
Roman Chair Leg lifts (straight leg) - 3x12
Super set with 3x12 Kettlebell Swings (35lbs). 
Plank Shoulder Taps - 3x12
Super Set with C-Crunches 3x12
Mountain Climbers - 3x20
Super Set with 3x20 Bicycle Crunches 
Med Ball Crunches (tap ball to wall) - 3x12
Super Set with Straight Leg Toe Reaches - 3x12