Training Tips

Written on 04/28/2022
Jamie Gilliam

*Always warm up before exercising!


** Train hard, train smart!


*** Learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable!


*** If you experience knee, hip, back or any other kind of pain (vs. burn) during an exercise, limit range of motion and/or lessen weight load. If it continues, contact me for alternatives.



***** Cardio: 2x a week stairmaster level 8-10 for 30 minutes, Treadmill running or Elliptical. You can also rotate equipment 10 minutes each.  


Post-Workout Cardio: 2x a week 10 minutes walk on treadmill at 3.3 speed 5 incline.


NEAT: Step Count. 5,000 steps daily



RIR: Reps in Reserve: This will define effort level in a set

RIR 0= you have zero reps left that you can complete on your own or concentric failure is reached

RIR 1= you have one rep left before concentric failure 

RIR 2= you have two reps left before concentric failure 

RIR 3=you have three reps left before concentric failure 

RIR 4= you have four reps left before concentric failure


Super set: Two exercises performed one after the other without rest between them. 


Drop set: Perform a set to failure of as many reps as prescribed, immediately decrease the weight and continue performing the set to failure or the prescribed number of reps. 


AMRAP: As Many Reps As Possible



(Training-Intense, heavy, execute every movement, every rep.) Record your workouts, each week try and beat your numbers. All exercised should be a controlled movement.


All sets should be at an RIR of 2-3.


-Perform 1-3 warm up sets as needed per exercise. (Warm up sets are not listed on the program below, only the working sets are.)