Overcoming Binge/Emotional Eating

Written on 08/24/2021
Jamie Gilliam

We all like to enjoy food. We just have to learn to do it in ways it does not keep us from our goals. Remember, most of the time we are going to be eating to fuel our bodies and charge our goals (90%), so we can really enjoy the foods we love at the times we choose (10% of the time). This allows us to relax during events, have control and not sabotage our progress. (remain in control and able to go back to our healthy eating easily, with no shame or guilt)
6 Reasons You May Not Be Able To Give Up The Overeating/ Emotional/ Binge Eating Snacks (Especially at night)
1- You come up with excuses because you have been “good” all day. Sometimes your day is so hard you feel like you should be rewarded for your hard work
Or maybe this is how you relax-you have made a decision that THIS is what relaxing is to you: a bag of chips/ a bottle of wine.
BUT what you are doing is JUSTIFYING your excuses
  • ACTION: Write down all of the things you usually tell yourself and then let's brainstorm answers on how to logically reject these urges
2- You are mentally exhausted and your body is TIRED. So you DECIDE that you don’t want to decide on things any longer and you choose to not put in any effort. You wouldn’t do this to other people that count on you, but you do it to yourself (enter SELF SABOTAGE)
  • ACTION: Set up SELF CARE and reasons why you can still do the hard things even when you are tired
3-You aren’t eating enough nutrition during the day and the laws of “Metabolic Compensation” are catching up. Your body is still looking for the macros it needs to be satisfied and run at optimal levels. Eating even low calorie processed foods that have white flours, chemicals and sugar mix up the hormone signals that our stomach get from our brain that we are hungry or full. When these wires get crossed your body doesn’t know the difference between what it needs and what it wants. (ever feel like you just can’t stop eating)
  • We have the option of taking some calories out of your day and saving them for a snack if you feel like it is something you want to stay in control and not feel guilty about EXTRA calories or things off your plan.
  • Let's reevaluate your current calories and macros if you feel that it is real hunger that you are trying to fight
4-You aren’t eating foods you like. Maybe you are eating “diet foods” and that’s leaving you feeling restricted- now at the end of the day or week you feel like you have been working EXTRA hard and you are back to #1: rewarding yourself or giving into urges you feel you can’t say “No” to
  • Maybe you need some new recipes and to include foods you love, just healthier versions, so you don't feel like they are things you can't have
5- You have made this a habit. Of course there are many reasons for this. Maybe it’s your “relaxation” habit (#2), maybe you have just done it so long now that it has become part of you. Usually habits like this are created around the mindset that what we want now (insert food, wine, sugar) is more important than what we want long term (healthy body, smaller size, weight lost on the scale)
  • Let's focus on your long term goals here and making conscious decisions and new habits around your new goals
6-You are eating based on the way you FEEL & you are looking to not have to deal with those feelings. Are you BORED, DEPRIVED, EXHAUSTED, DEPRESSED, SAD, LONELY, ANXIOUS, STRESSED? You might be looking to snack and overeat.
If you feel MOTIVATED, ENERGETIC, INSPIRED, HAPPY, CALM, FOCUSED, you are probably ok with skipping it that night.
  • Let's figure out other, less destructive ways of dealing with your feelings and emotions. 
  • Let's figure out how to be OK with feeling those feelings and not try to always change the way you feel