Written on 04/27/2022
Jamie Gilliam

A big part of nutrition is portion control. There are several ways to manage your portions. If you have struggled with overeating, undereating or bing eating in the past, portioning out your meals and snacks will help you stay on track. 

I use hand size portion control and plate portions. I teach my kids this method as well and they enjoy sectioning out different macros on their plates. You can turn portion control into a fun activity for yourself, kid and grandkids. 

Whether you eat out or at home, one thing is certain, how you fill your plate is important.  You should already know by now that you can eat a lot more when yo I eat whole foods because they are nutritionally dense.  When women say they do not eat much at all and cannot lose weight, typically this is true.  If you eat processed foods, you can eat very little but consume a ton of calories.  Processed foods also lead to insulin resistance and other health conditions that hinder weight loss efforts.  

Always fill your your plate with double veggies!  This is a great way to get plenty of fiber and satisfy cravings. 

Select a protein source the size of the palm of your hand.

Sometimes your fat will already be in your protein source or you can add a quality fat to your meal if not.  Remember to think about daily totals as well.  

Double veggies and a protein source plus a small amount of fat should always put you at 400-500 calories for the meal.  

Remember to consume a calorie free beverage like water with lemon!