Workout 1 - Total Body

Written on 01/16/2020
Jamie Gilliam

If you do not have access to a medball, use a weighted ball or non-weighted ball.  Be careful with ball slams with a non-weighted ball.  A pillow also works well for this workout as a non-weighted workout. 

Walk, Ride a bike, Row or Jog for 10 minutes


 20- minute AMRAP using a medball 5-14 lbs based on fitness level. 

12  Squat to Curl 

12 Ball slams 

12 OH Alternating Lunges (modification - step touch side to side or straight leg lunge keeping ball at chest height)

12 Woodchops (if ball is too heavy, simply drop ball and do bodyweight woodchops)

12 toe taps 

Take breaks as needed.  modify as needed by reducing time or number of reps.

Optional Cash Out:  

3 Rounds

20 Ball Sit Ups 

20 Russion Twists with ball (do not over-rotate)

20 Ball Mountain Climbers (hands on ball)