Workout 6 -Total Body

Written on 04/13/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Use basketball or lightweight Medball.
Advanced - 10 lb Medball. 
You can move at a standard pace or make this more mind/body at a 4/4 Pilates style tempo.  

25 Minute AMRAP
20 Centered Woodchops 
12 Alt Fwd Lunge w/Woodchop 
12 Lateral Lunge to Balance w/Curl R/L
20 Wall Balls 
12 Lateral Woodcops with Knee Lift R/L
12 Bridged Hamstring Curls R/L 
20 Ball Pass Crunches 

Reduce time or reps if needed
Keep feet on floor for lateral lunges 
and lateral wood chops
Keep hips down on bridged hamstring curl 
Standard crunch with head supported  if needed