Workout 15 - AMRAP: Total Body

Workout 15 - AMRAP: Total Body

Written on 04/10/2020
Jamie Gilliam

20 Minute AMRAP  Beginners begin with very light weight and cut time in half if needed. 

Equipment needed:

Barbell 125/185 RX  scale as needed (beginners 35 lb barbell and increase from there) Substitute 53 lb. Kettlebells or Dumbbells. 

Kettlebell 35/53 RX scale as needed. 

24" Box scale as need or use stair steps, chair or bench that is sturdy. 

Dumbbells 20/35 RX scale as needed 

Medball 12/14 RX 

10 Deadlifts 

10 Single Arm Clean & Press

10 Box Jumps (sub step ups or broad jumps)

10 Push Press 

20 KB Russian Swings 

20 MT Climbers

20 Bicycle Crunches 

10 Wall Balls