Workout 2 - Strength: Legs

Written on 12/30/2019
Jamie Gilliam


Scale up or down as needed in weight and reps. New exercisers do 2 reps with lighter loads ( or bodyweight only) that you can easily manage. by 10th rep, last two reps should be difficult but able to be completed with proper form. 

If not sure of 1 rep max, simply begin with a comfortable weight and increase load as needed. 

3x 12 BB or DB Squat @ 65% max (DB's on shoulders )

3x12 BB or DB Walking Lunges (30 second rest between sets) 

3x12 BB or DB Hip Thrusts w/elevated feet on chair or box (30 second rest)

3x12 Side Lunge to OH Press w/DB (no rest between sets)

Optional 10 minute Run, Walk, Bike or Row.