Workout 5 - Strength: Posterior

Workout 5 - Strength: Posterior

Written on 01/18/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Equipment Needed:  Dumbells or kettlebells or combination of both. Choose range from 10-53 lbs. Cable equipment if in gym setting or use alternative exercises provided at home.  

**Wear loop band around thighs when performing squats and deadlifts. 

Beginners: 1 or 2 sets of 12 at lower weight loads or bodweight. rest 30 seconds to 60 seconds between sets.

3x 12 Goblet Box Squats (use chair at home) RX 53 lb KB

3x 12 Step Ups on 20 inch box(low step to modify)RX 15lb DB

3x 12 Stiff Legged Deadlift RX 53 lb KB

3x 12 Seated or Standing Cable Row RX varies with cable (at home perform a bent over Narrow Row with 35-53 lb kbs or db's)

3x 12 Narrow Grip Cable Lat Pull  RX varies with cable (at home perform a door jam inverted row or inverted row on barbell loaded on rack)

3x 8 Low to High Woodchop R/L RX 20 lbs. (feet stay underneath hips or slightly wider)

3x 12 Rotational Cable Pull RX varies with cable (if at home, perform a high to low Woodchop with step out RX 20 lb DB or KB)

*OPTIONAL Cardio Cash Out: 1500 meter Row, 15 minute Jog or Power Walk or 15 minutes of cycling.  Moderate intensity.