Workout 9 - Strength & Metcon

Workout 9 - Strength & Metcon

Written on 02/07/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Equipment Needed: Barbell -  Substitute Double Kettlebells or Dumbbells. Kettlebell and Box. 

Part 1:

4 sets of 12,10,8,6 increasing load each set. Begin at 60% 1RM after warming up with 2 sets of 15 with light bar (20 lbs). If unsure of 1RM, note how you feel in the warmup with light bar and load from there. Focus on shoulder and hip mobility work in warm up. 

Clean & Press (Use Chair C&P with Dumbbells as Modification)

Part 2

20 minute AMRAP with 5-35 lb Kettlebell

20 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

20 Kettlebell Swings (shoulder height)

20 Box Jumps or Step Ups (10R/10L)

20 Push Ups

20 Single Arm Rows 10R/10L)

20 Low to High Woodchops (drop to lower weight if needed) 10 R/10L

Run, Walk or Row 400 meters