Workout 8 - Strength: Super Sets Lower Body

Workout 8 - Strength: Super Sets Lower Body

Written on 02/04/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Equipment Needed: Barbell and Dumbbells - Sub Dumbbells for Barbell if needed.
Row, Bike or Jog 1000 meters or 8-10 minutes
Dynamic stretching and general foam roll out

If unsure of 1RM, load additional load each set as needed to challenge yourself. last two reps should be challenging while keeping good form. 


Superset 1

4 x 15 Olympic deadlifts 65% max (use heavy Dumbbells as sub)

4 x 20 Plyo lunges bodyweight (modification, backward stepping lunges)


Superset 2

5 x 15 Wide Front Squat - Rack Barbell or Dumbbells at collarbone. 60% max

5 x 20 Elevated Hip Thrusts (Feet on Box or Bench) Dumbbell or Barbell in lap


Superset 3

4 x 15 narrow stance barbell squats 65% max (use box and sit down and up if needed)

4 x 20 DB walking lunges (10-20lb dumbells - modification: bodyweight)

Superset 3
4 x 15 Seated ab double leg extensions on bench or floor (knees pull to chest and legs extend)
4 x 15 band or dumbbell low to high woodchop (do not use heavy loads - move slowly)
If desired, complete another round of row, bike or run for cashout.