Workout 4 - Strength: Upper Body - Super Sets

Written on 01/08/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Begin at 50% 1RM 

3 x 15/12/10 increasing weight load 5-10 lbs each time 

Immediately followed by second exercise 

Set 1
Cable or DB Narrow Row

10 Push Ups 

Set 2

Bench Press BB or DB 

5 Burpee 

Set 3 

Bicep Curl Machine or DB  

Tricep Extension Cable Rope or Lying on Bench with DB 

Set 4 

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press 

12 Tricep Push Up 


3-4 Rounds 

RX: Barbell - 65/95 lbs/ DB 20/25 lbs.

Scale as needed. 

10 Power Cleans (To Modify: Deadlift to Hang Clean) 

20 Air Squats 

20 Lateral Skaters 

12 DB Wood Chops  R/L 

Run, Cycle or Row 3 minutes