Workout 7 - Total Body

Written on 03/09/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Equipment Needed: Dumbbell 15 lb dumbbell (scale as needed). 

Beginner: 5 lb dummbell. 

4 Rounds 

12 Sumo/Plie Squats with Single Arm OH Press 6 Right/6 Left

12 Lateral Step Ups With Weight 

12 Lateral Lunges with Bicep Curl 6 Right/6 Left 

12 Single Arm Swings to Shoulder Hieght 6 Right/6 Left

12 Woodchop with Knee Lift 6 Right/6 Left 

12 Renegade Row 6 Right/6 Left (drop weight if needed/perform on bench or chair without weight as modification)

12 Double Leg Stretch with Weight

Then - Option To Finish Line:

1,000 meter Row, 500 meter Bike or Run.