Workout 2 - Upper Body Circuit

Written on 02/05/2020
Jamie Gilliam

General foam rolling and dynamic warm up prior to wrkout. 

RX: 25 lbs/15lbs. Scale as needed and choose a heavier and lighter dumbbell set if available.  Lighter set needed for smaller muscle groups. 

Circuit - 5 Rounds with Rest as Needed. 

For Strength Training - 3 sets of 10-12 each exercise with 45 second rest (go heavy as possible). 

12 Front Stance Single Arm Rows From Knee to Hip (slight rotation)

12 Front Stance Wide Bent Over Rows

12 Dumbbell Clean & Press

12 Single Arm Tricep Kickbacks (one knee on bench or hinged forward, holding onto back of chair)

12 Bicep Curls

12 Renegade Rows (on knees if needed and without weight if needed.  Option to use benchtop and bodyweight only.) 6/6 each side 

12 Push Ups (on knees or use benchtop if needed)

Cash Out: 15 minute cardio of your choice. Alternating 2 minutes moderate intensity with 1 minute of max effort.