Workout 16 - Lower Body

Written on 10/20/2020
Jamie Gilliam

20 minute AMRAP 

Scale as needed. Beginners cut time in half and use the floor or small stair step. 

Equipment Needed: Dumbbell 5-25lbs and Step, Box or Bench 10-32 inches.

12 Step to Balance - 5-25 lb dumbbell.

12 Goblet Squat - 5-25 lb dumbbell.

12 Single Leg Deadlift - 5-25 lb dumbell. 

24 Bodyweight Jump Lunge or Alt Lunge (take jump out if needed)

12 Hip Thrust with Elevated Feet 10-32 inches with 5-25 lb dumbell. 

12 Single Leg Hip Thrust with Elevated Foot 10-32 inches with BW.

Optional Cash Out with 1 mile run, 2,000m row or 2 mile bike ride or 800m power walk.