Workout 5 - Total Body + Core

Written on 03/06/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Equipment Needed:

kettlebell 15-52 lbs and loop band 

3-5 Rounds (if also doing ab circuit - 3 Rounds) 

15 KB Stiff Legged Deadlift 

12 KB Swings 

12 3-step lateral run with 1 second hold 

12 Single Leg Explosive Hops 6 R/6 L

12 Push Ups 

24 Mountain Climbers

12 Elevated Hip Thrusts (feet on 20 inch box or bench)

3x 20 45 deg hyper extensions on GHD or back extension machine. 

3x 20 Banded seated hip abduction 

3x 15 Banded lateral walks R/L 

Ab Circuit

20 Windshield Wipers (bent knee)

20 Double Leg Stretch (butterflies)

20 C-Crunch (upper and lower body crunch in, tap toes and upper back back to floor) 

20 Straight Leg Iron across (alternate reach opposite arm to straight leg)