Workout 3 - Strength

Written on 01/01/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Scale and modify as needed.  

Barbell Workout (Sub Dumbbells for Home Workout or as needed)

35-55 lb bar for Beginner to Intermediate (or 12-20 lb dumbbells)

55-95 lb bar for Intermediate to Advanced (or 20-45 lb dumbbells)

20 Minute AMRAP - Rest as needed.

12 Thrusters 

12 Wide Bent Over Row 

12  Sumo Deadlift (Use single dumbbell if using dumbbells)

12 Clean & Press (chair sit with bicep curl to OH press to modify)

12  Static Lunge R then L (if using heavy BB, drop to less weight or bodyweight lunges if needed) 

12 Underhand Grip Narrow Bent Over Row

12 Straight Legged Deadlift