Workout 4 - Glutes & Core

Written on 02/18/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Equipment Needed:  Dumbbell or Kettlebell 15-52 lbs.

(option: grab something heavy. :) ) 

3-6 Rounds 

If performing as a single workout, complete 5-6 Rounds. If performing as an add-on to an overall workout, perform 3 Rounds.

12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls - 12 to 52 lbs. (DB,KB, BB)

24 Lateral Skater Jumps (modify - step instead of jump)

6 Inchworms

12/12 Side Lying Oblique Crunch with Extension (modify - bottom leg on floor)

6/6 Side Plank with Rotations (modify - bottom knee on floor)

6/6 Plank with Lateral Toe Taps (modify: knees on floor, alternating tapping toes back instead of laterally)