This section provides workouts using dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells. How to navigate this section: at the top of this section, click on Dumbbells, Kettlebell or Barbell to access the workouts available. You can do any of these workouts with whatever equipment you have available. Dumbbell and barbell workouts can be done with kettlebells and vice versa.

Workout 13 - Total Body

I put this in the dumbbell section because you can grab a cooler, a step, use the first stair step to your stairs at your home or use a sturdy bench or chair. You can also opt for the floor if needed. Sub a kettlebell or anything of weight you can hold in one hand.

Workout 12 - Total Body

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells or Kettlebells - 5 to 20 lbs or sub household weighted items like cat litter/detergent/gallon of water jugs. Choose a challening weight for you.

Workout 3 - Total Body Strength

3 sets of 10 each exercise with 30 second rest between sets. 75% max. (if max is unknown choose a weight that is challenging for you, with the last two reps being difficult to complete but doable with good form).