I bring my full self into every interaction

Written on 04/05/2020
Jamie Gilliam

I will bring my full self into every interaction.  Write it down and think about how you can connect with others on a deeper level. Who in your life do you feel you can give more of your true self to?  What relationships can you grow and focus on. 

Stop and think about how you interact with people.  Do you deeply connect or do you stay guarded?  Most of us are so busy with our hectic schedules, we do not bring our full self to the table when interacting with others. We, as humans, also tend to put walls up to guard ourselves from unwanted disappointment and pain. Even with our own selves, we can remain guarded and avoid knowing what we want, what we need and who we are on a deep level. 

The next time you have get-together with a friend, go out on a date night, interact with your children or even with a stranger..... give that person all of you. Do your best to drop all pretenses and just be you.  

Act the way you act in your most comfortable relationships. Bring your positive, enthusiastic self to the table. Make a goofy joke, tell a funny story, drop a movie reference or simply speak your mind.  Whatever it is that makes you you, bring it.  Listen completely. Speak openly. Be yourself. 

When you show up as your full, real self, you give others permission to do the same. When you’re willing to be vulnerable, you let others know it’s safe be vulnerable around you. This builds trust and deepens relationships. It allows you to enjoy relationships on a different level.  It allows you to truly know and understand others.