Bodyweight Workout - Total Body

This workout can be broken up however you'd like. Complete each exercise all at once, or complete some reps...move on to another exercise...then come back and complete more reps.

Body Types: Ecto, Endo, Meso

Do you ever look around and notice different body types? I am sure you do. Tall, thin bodies? Short and stalky bodies? Medium height, medium-build bodies? While you can accomplish alot with your fitness goals and design a phsyique you desire, growing taller or shrinking your height is never an option. Increasing your shoe size or decreasing the width of your pelvis is also not an option. Some of us will never be a size 2, others are naturally a size 0. But, knowing your body type can allow you to train smart for the body you want and also help you feel your best with your nutritional choices.