I feel....

Written on 03/06/2020
Jamie Gilliam

I feel.....

Say it out loud, then ponder on it for a bit.  How do you feel?  

Living life to the fullest means feeling deeply.  The incredible feelings of love, joy, happiness, peace....but also grief, pain, frustration, sadness are all feelings we as humans need to feel.  Our feelings make up a huge part of who we are, and feeling is part of healing. Did I just make a rhyme? Yes!  

Do not be afraid to feel, and do not consider it a bad thing to feel pain or sorrow.  We live in a society that frowns upon any feelings that are not positive, yet we were created to feel. Part of the grieving process is th feel and work through what you are feeling. 

Take a moment and write a poem in your journal.  Yes.  Even if you aren't the best at poetry!  It can be silly, serious...whatever you'd like.  Just let go and write a poem about how you feel.  Just let it flow from your soul and onto the paper.  

Then, read it and reflect.