I live from my heart and have clarity in my mind

Written on 04/17/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Speak it out loud and write it down. Then think....

To live from the heart means to live from clear calm awareness. This involves coming to know your underlying feelings which are deeper than any emotions, thoughts or beliefs. All beliefs, thoughts, and emotions can be recentered by taking a breath and getting to a state of calmness . This is why it is so important to stop and think befor reacting or responding to a feeling or situation. When calmness becomes a baseline in life, you can have  clarity of vision and thought. You become more aware of everything in your life, your surroundings, your wants, your needs, etc. Circumstances will no longer be a problem, just something to work with.

Write down in your journal how calm you feel most days on a scale of 1-10. 1 being in complete choas all of the time, and 10 being super chill.  Then, reflect and think about what you need to begin living from your heart with more ease.  If you wrote down a 1, begin with simple breath work every morning and spending some quiet time alone for 10 minutes a day.  If you wrote a 10, write about how you are able to stay calm even when everything around you is chaotic.  Just write how you manage now, and write how you can improve upon how you manage now. It is a powerful thing when you have calmness in your heart and clarity in your mind.