I know who I am

Written on 02/20/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Take some time to sit quietly and explore who you are.  Get to know yourself on the deepest level possible.  This can be scary and uncomfortable, but it is so valuable to exlore who you are on an intimate level.  Many people never do this.  Do this regularly as part of your journaling and reflection habits.  

When you first begin doing this exercise, you may only be able to sit for a few moments and it may bring about anxiety, sadness or other emotions.  This is normal.  So, start with a short amount of time, and expand the time gradually each time you sit in this space.  


Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths.  

Who are you?  

What do you believe and why?

What are your talents?

What makes you feel good?

What makes you feel sad?

How do you react to situations and why? 

Continue to explore yourself and add questions each time you sit.  Just begin to free explore all of you.  This helps you to not only know yourself and connect with who you are on a deep level, but it also allows you to heal.