I know who I am

Take some time to sit quietly and explore who you are. Get to know yourself on the deepest level possible. This can be scary and uncomfortable, but it is so valuable to exlore who you are on an intimate level. Many people never do this. Do this regularly as part of your journaling and reflection habits.

Your Brain, Happiness & Exercise

Exercise is heart healthy and good for your physique but it also has the power to impact the health of another vital organ – your brain. It can do so in a variety of ways. When you work out, your body releases a variety of hormones and brain chemicals that help build a healthier brain. In fact, studies show that regular physical activity may improve memory, mood, and, possibly, ward off brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. The reason? Here are five brain-boosting chemicals your body releases more of during exercise and how they impact the health of your brain.