I attract what I want

Written on 02/20/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Speak out loud and write in your journal:

I attract wht I want. 

What do you want?  Do you know what you truly desire? Do you wake up every day knowing what you want for the day?  What you want for life?  

Write down what you truly desire?  

What do you desire in your relationships?

What do you desire in your career?  

What you you want in this life? 

Who do you want to be? How do you want to live? 

Speak what you want out loud.  

If these questions are difficult  for you, really take time to search your heart and truly know who you are and what you want.  You want to be able to actively attract your desires and be all that you want to be.  

You have the power to attract all that you want in this life and ot be who you want to be.  You have the power to live openly and freely, attracting your heart's desire.  Be aware of what you want and speak it out loud daily.