Progress Check-In!

Written on 02/16/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Yay! Today is progress check-in! Complete the following and submit via email or text! 

1. Take photos and submit 

2. Weigh in 

3. Take measurements 

4. Bodyfat percentage check-in (if tracking)

5. Submit video of 5 squats, 5 lunges r/l, 5 push ups, 10 second plank.

Non-Scale Victories:

1. How do you feel emotionally?

2. How do you feel physically?

3. How do you feel in your clothes?

4. How is your digestion? Bloating? 

5. Strength on a scale of 1-10? Stamina on a scale of 1-10?

6. Overal energy levels?