I can have peace and joy in difficult times

There has been and will be difficult times in your life. Your mindset and how you speak to yourself during difficult times determines so much in your life. Your ability to overcome circumstances is directly related to how you speak to yourself, how you react and where you choose to put your focus. Focusing on speaking positive affirmations out loud daily, keeping calm and focusing on how to work towards healing or finding a solution to a problem are keys to avoid self-sabotage when things are tough.

Carbs Are Good For You!

We’ve been conditioned to believe all carbs are unhealthy and lead to weight gain. Carbs are needed for energy, organ function and overall health. Most people who struggle with weight management consume a lot of simple carbohydrates from processed foods. This is why so many people believe carbs are the problem, but it’s the type of carbs combined with lack of movement. Simple carbs are high in carbs and provide very little nutritional value. This also leads to overeating. Learning which carbs to choose and how to eat them can be the game changer for your goals.