Everyday is a New Day!

Written on 01/01/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Every day is a new opportunity to make a change and/or to keep moving forward.  You can get trapped worrying about your past mistakes and experiences, (some even allow past mistakes and experiences to become their identity), or you can decide that you are not defined by your past.  It is behind you.  

Anything and everything you want and want to be is in front of you with each new day.  Take a deep breath, focus on your goals and the people you love and let those things drive you to be the best you can be each day.  

Take a moment to write down your goals again in your journal. Re-commit to them.  Then think about what keeps you passionate and driving towards your goals?  Write the answers to these questions down.  What is your why?  What keeps you moving forward? Why do you want to succeed and achieve your goals?  How will you feel? How will it impact you and those around you? 

You are an incredible source of positivity and energy in the world, whether it is to the people in your immediate circle or to people in your immediate circle and far beyond.  You are you for a reason.  You have so much power and so much to offer the world by just being you!  Own that. Remember that!  Believe that.