I let my passion drive me

Written on 03/07/2020
Jamie Gilliam

I let my passion drive me everyday,,,in my life, in my relationships and to my dreams, to my goals, to my success. 

Write this in your journal and speak it out loud.  Passion is different from feelings/emotions.  Yesterday's journaling was all about feeling, but it is important to understand that while it is important to feel deeply, feelings can get in the way of your success.  

You see, when you have dreams...when you have goals you are wanting to achieve, you have to let passion drive you and leave your feelings out of it.  Why?  Because your feelings are where you will derail.  It is where we tend to sabotage ourselves the most when we have a goal.  Negative feelings or not "feeling" like completing the required work for the day to meet your end goal, will keep you from accomplishing what you truly desire.  

Let your passion and your "why" drive you! Let it be your guide and lead you every step of the way.  Stay focused on your passion. Live it. Breathe it. Love it. Focus on your "why" and do not waiver!  When you derail, simply hop back on the rails. 

Write in your journal what you are passionate about.  What your why is.  Write your goals and how you will feel when you get to your final end goal.  What are you wanting and why do you want it?  And most importantly, what is your strategy to get there? Reinterate all of these things in your journal today.  


I let my passion drive me, while letting my emotions take a back seat.