Understanding Scale Weight

Written on 02/10/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Let’s talk about that scale! Some of y’all need to throw it out the window! Stop tying your self-worth to some number on a small square you stand on. For reals! Here’s the deal.....

Yes, I coach people which includes weight loss 95% of the time.  It is worth tracking scale weight and it serves a purpose, but to get caught up in the number on the scale can wreck you and your goals.  When you track, track ranges, not a single number.  When you track, understand that if you have a goal weight, your weight loss won't be linear.  When you track, love yourself and the process, and do not once get angry at the scale or yourself! :) You are tracking progress with several different measuring tools, the scale is just one of them! Read on! 

My current stats: 43, 5’6”, 26.5% BF, size 4-6.  
I weighed myself everyday on the same scale for the last two weeks and here’s what I got:

152, 151, 149, 150, 147, 147, 149
150, 151, 148, 152, 154, 152, 151

Did I lose pounds of fat and then gain it back day after day? Heck No! 😁

When I got sick several months ago and vomited for 3 days straight, I lost 7 lbs. Did I lose 7 lbs of fat? No!🤷🏻‍♀️

When you did that 7-day cleanse your friend sold you for $199, did you lose 5-10 lbs of fat? No, you dehydrated your body with diuretics and lost water and poop. That’s it! The minute you started eating food again, the weight came back because it isn’t 5-10 lbs of fat loss.  🤷🏻‍♀️

What impacted my weight each day? 
Drinking water
Not drinking water
Drinking coffee 
Drinking alcohol 
Eating food 
Not eating food 
Needing to poop
Needing to pee
That time of the month
And more.......

If you want to take care of your body, move your body and nourish it. If you want to track progress, use multiple tracking tools:  
✔️circumference measurements
✔️bodyfat percentage
✔️how your clothes fit
✔️how you feel
✔️and yes...the scale but understand what the scale is telling you. 

Also, track your performance: 

It feels incredible when you look back and see you’ve gone from a bodyweight squat to squatting a heavy barbell! Or...you couldn’t run the block but now you are running a mile! 

So, stop stressing over the scale! ❤️ 
Be you! 
Do you! 
Be strong!
Be powerful!
Challenge yourself to see what your body is capable of and nourish it with quality foods! If your body needs to shed fat, if it is part of your goals and we've discussed your plan, challenging your body and nourishing it (as designed in your plan) will get you the results on the scale you desire. Just be patient. 

It’s the best investment you can make and best for your mind, body and soul!