Does Lifting Make You Bulky?

Written on 12/29/2019
Jamie Gilliam

So many women are afraid to lift weights or do any kind of srength training for fear of getting bulky muscles like a man.  Rest assured, this cannot happen.  Let me explain...

Now, it is possible to get bulkier muscles than you'd like if you do low volume heavy load training every time you train, but you still won't look like a man without a ton of supplements and a specific intent to look like a man. Our bodies just aren't designed with that much testosterone.

You want to build lean muscle tissue to turn your body into a fat burning machine at rest.  The more lean muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn a rest.  You can build lean muscle with a gazillion different types of training programs, and you don't have to be in a gym or lift really heavy weights.  I prefer metabolic strength training for my clients, which is what most of my programs include.  Metabolic strength training works well for just about anyone wanting to lose bodyfat and it is scalable for any fitness level. 

If you are worried about bulky muscles or looking too muscular, as I stated above,  you would get that result by lifting low volume heavy loads every training session.  This means lifting 2-6 reps max with heavy loads all of the time, with no variation other than adding more load over time. 

Strength training is essential to weight loss and maintaining weight loss.  As we age, we lose lean muscle and our BMR decreases as a result.  Maintaining your lean muscle is essential for your overal health and well being.  You want to include strength training as part of your fitness routine for life!