I don't sweat the small stuff

Written on 02/07/2020
Jamie Gilliam

At any moment little things can pile up and small things can feel like big things. Sometimes it is difficult for us to avoid being frustrated at the little things like being stuck in traffic, spilling something, etc.  Some people get stuck in this constant negative thought pattern, and it can consume every aspect of someone's life.  

Anything that causes us to feel negative and have negative energy, robs us of joy and happiness. Usually, sweating the small stuff stems from something inside of us that we are stressed about.  It can also stem from pain, grief, guilt or shame.  Breaking the cycle of sweating the small stuff can be accomplised through exactly what you are doing during this 12 weeks.  

Daily affirmations and discovering yourself retrains your brain for positviity and success. It's all about nueroplasticity as I explained previously in another mindset exericse.  People who practice daily affirmations are shown to be less irritable and frustrated with the little things in life.  They tend to focus on the positives and nurture the things they want and need in life vs. focusing on the little things that they have little to no control over.  

Tell Yourself and write in your journal:

I don't sweat the small stuff. 

I choose to to focus on the things I can control and the things that bring positivity and joy to my life and others.  

I choose to stop and take a deep breath in moments when I feel frustration or negativity enter my mind.  

In moments of frustration, I choose to redirect my frustrations to positive affirmations.

I am in control of my thoughts and feelings and I decide how I will allow my mind and my soul to react to the little frustrations. 

I have the power to be positive and to focus my energy on the good.