Kettlebell Workout - Total Body

Written on 01/31/2020
Jamie Gilliam

FOR GYM SETTING - Equipment Needed: Barbell, Kettlebell, Box. Sub KB if needed in place of Barbell. 

FOR HOME SETTING - Equipment Needed: Kettlebell or Dumbbell and Box/Sturdy Chair or anything sturdy to step up on (low stair on stairwell works for modification). Option is to step forward and back on floor. 

5 Rounds 

RX: 65 lb BB, 35 lb KB, 20 inch Box

Scale  as needed. Breaks as needed 

12 Front Squat

20 KB Swings

12 KB Step Ups Right/Left 

12 KB Front Stance SA Row Right/Left 

Run, row, step up and down on a step or bike 4 minutes 

Repeat 5 Rounds