Eat The Cookie

Written on 12/29/2019
Jamie Gilliam

One common problem with dieting is women go to extremes with restrictions so limiting, it is impossible to sustain the diet long-term.  This usually results in short-term weight loss with gaining double the weight back.  Why?  Because once you release yourself from the dietary restrictions, you tend to overeat in calories....going back to the exact same habits as before, which is partly what caused the weight gain in the first place!  So what can you do? 

Eat the cookie.....sometimes!  That’s right!  Allow yourself to enjoy the foods you enjoy, but in moderation.   The 70/30 rule works well for most women!  Eat whole, quality meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some fruits 70% of the time and whatever you want (like an ice cream cone or frost loops) 30% of the time.   The key is to stay within your calorie budget for the day/week.  So, if I have eggs and sprouted grain toast for breakfast, a protein bar for snack, a salad for lunch, and ice cream cone for snack and a slice of pizza for dinner....I’m stil within my calorie budget for the day.  Just be sure the ice cream cone is small and the pizza is 1-2 slices max.  If you do fall of the wagon completely and over-indulge, simple try again the next day.  Some days I eat clean all day, others I do not.  

No one is perfect and if you are used to eating whatever, whenever it might take some time to change your eating habits.  Give yourself grace and remember that foods are not good or bad.  If you eat a piece of candy or pie, avoid beating yourself up over it and just include in your calorie totals for the day or week.