Every day, I take at least one step towards what I want.

Written on 05/20/2020
Jamie Gilliam

There’s a well-known Chinese proverb that says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Yet far too many people never even get started on that journey and make big changes to reach their destination.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  – Chinese Proverb

They are afraid to take that first step. Why? Maybe it’s because the journey seems too overwhelming, the goal is too far away, there’s too much that needs to be done, and the exact path isn’t clear.

Or maybe it’s because they get caught up in wanting immediate results in other areas of their life and are distracted from their long-term goals.

But the thing about long-term goals is that they aren’t accomplished in a single day!

It’s not like they require one huge, monumental effort to be achieved.

The only way you’re going to accomplish something really big and ambitious – the kind of goal that will transform your life forever – is by consistently taking one small step at a time in the direction of your dreams. 

Think about what you've commited to and the steps you've been taking every day to create big change and reach your big goal.  You are now on day 80! Whew! That is a lot of consistent effort daily that adds up to big results.  I've said this before, but it is so important to reiterate to yourself often that small steps equal big results.

It is so easy to get caught up in the mindset of "go big or go home" or "this little bit of effort  doesn't matter". It's also easy to feel defeated when you don't see immediate results after you focused on your diet and got sweaty for a few days.  

Always keep your eye on what you want to accomplish and what you desire, knowing it is in the distance, yet each small step gets you one step closer. 

Write down all of your desires and the little steps you take each day to get one step closer.  This doesn't have to be just about your health and fitness.  Write down everything you desire! Focus on what you want.  Then, think about what you are implementing into your daily routine to get everything you desire.