Aerobic and Cardiovascular Endurance

Written on 09/11/2019
Jamie Gilliam

Overall physical fitness consists of five different elements. It is important to understand each component and it's value to your health.  The first component is Aerobic and cardivascular endurance.  What is it? Aerobic and cardiovascular endurance is the ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues, and to remove wastes, over sustained periods of time.This can be accomplished with activities like running, walking, cycling, rowing or even your daily activities like washing dishing and cleaning house.  Conditioning using your bodyweight and equipment can also be used for aeroboic and cardiovascular endurance.  When we talk about endurance, we want to train the cardivascular system to be able to maintain activity for a long length of time with a certain heart rate.  We can accomplish this with both short and long workouts with varying intensity levels. The research in recent years on HIIT and other forms of shorter duration, intense training and the benefits on cardivascular endurance shows that long, steady state cardio workouts are not necessary for endurance training.  You can definitely do these types of workouts, which I recommend for clients based on their goals, but they are not necessary.  If you don't enjoy long duration workouts, just know they are not necessary for your overall health benefits.