Workout 11 - Total Body

Written on 08/11/2020
Jamie Gilliam

Bodyweight Workout! 

Cut time to 10-15 minutes and reps in half if beginner. Find some space for walking lunges and pivot squats. If space is limited, do as I demo’ed in video.

25 Minute AMRAP
20 Air Squats 
20 Lateral Step Jumps (take jump out if needed)
20 Walking Lunges  (straight back leg if needed)
20 Pivot Squats 

If you struggle to get on the floor, perform push ups on wall and skip the core floor work) 

10 Narrow Grip to Wide Grip Push Ups (on wall or knees if needed)
10 Cross Crawls (3 rotations and hold) 
10 Side Plank Pulls (knee down) r/l  
10 V-Sits